Spanish translation for “Archiculture”

I recently had the chance of collaborating with Arbuckle Industries, production company based in NYC founded by Ian Harris and David Krantz.

Archiculture, a very interesting short documentary about the architectural education in the US, now can be screened in Spanish speaker countries. I was in charge of the Spanish translation. If you are interested in organize a screening, please check this website.

Here you can watch the trailer with Spanish subtitles. Enjoy it!

Archiculture Official Trailer – SPANISH from arbuckle industries on Vimeo.

“We Might Be Superheroes” now online

I had the pleasure of working with “We Might Be Superheroes” cast and crew in 2013. It was a really fun experience and now the first episodes of this webseries are online.

I worked as DP in the first 3 episodes “Episode 1: A Stitch In Time Saves Crime“, “Episode 2: Game of Beth!” and “Episode 3: The Naming Convention” and “Episode 6: Fight for your Right!

Check WMBS Youtube channel, Twitter profile and Facebook page for more updates. Hope you enjoy them as much I enjoyed working on them!

“Red Metal” 4 minutes preview online

Red Metal. The Copper Country Strike of 1913“, documentary produced and directed by Jonathan Silvers will be aired on PBS next December 17th and premiered in Michigan soon.

A 4 minutes preview is online. Enjoy it!

Red Metal: The Copper Country Strike of 1913 from Jonathan B. Silvers on Vimeo.

Camera Operator: “Cita a ciegas” play at Repertorio Español

Cita a ciegas Repertorio Español premiered “Cita a ciegas“, based on Mario Diament’s play, directed by Jorge Alí Triana and starred by Luis Carlos de La Lombana, Hannia Guillén, Zulema Clares, Germán Jaramillo and Beatriz Córdoba.

I was the camera operator shooting the play at the opening night on October 17th.

Acceso Total NY used that footage for this interview.

Click here to buy tickets.

Editor of “RED METAL: The Copper Country Strike of 1913″ documentary

Red Metal Poster DefI just finished the editing of “Red Metal: The Copper Country Strike of 1913” documentary produced and directed by Jonathan Silvers and edited and co-produced by Patrick Flynn.

This documentary commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Italian Hall tragedy and the miners strike that took place in Calumet, Michigan in 1913. This film includes interviews to experts like Steve Lehto, impressive archival photos and a musical performance by Steve Earle singing Woody Guthrie’s “1913 Massacre”.

The film will be aired on PBS next December 2013.

The poster was released a few days ago. More updates soon.

UPDATE: Here you can watch a preview of the documentary.



Coproducing and shooting interview to Christiane Amanpour

On October 8th I had the privilege of shooting and coproducing with Jonathan Silvers an interview to the journalist Christiane Amanpour. Chrstiane Amanpour

This interview will be included in the upcoming Saybrook Productions’ documentary about post-war justice: “Past Reckoning“.

Silvers produced and directed documentaries such as Elusive Justice about the search of Nazi War Criminals. This documentary was aired on PBS.

“La nena se casa” new play at Repertorio Español, on TV stations

Repertorio Español presented a few weeks ago the play “La nena se casa“. Through Figura Media as service provider I was in charge of producing and shooting that play last September 21st. Some of the footage I recorded is being used for promotional interviews with the actors, like this one on Telemundo.

And this other on Univisión.

La Nena Se Casa Univision

The play is really funny I enjoyed very much recording it.

You can purchase your tickets here.


“March@50″ web documentaries released

"March@50" shoot with Sherrilyn IfillDuring August 2013 PBS released online this series of short documentaries produced and directed by Shukree Tilghman. As I posted previously, I had the opportunity of working as a DP for this project. Now we all can watch online the final result.

The 50th anniversary of this Civil Rights Movement is presented in 5 episodes entitled “Jobs“, “Voting rights“, “Still segregated“, “Freedom” and “The March Forward“.

It was a pleasure working with Shukree, Owen Cooper, Orion Gordon, Heidi Muller, Chrys Lywtyn and the rest of the crew involved in this project.


BlueSleep: Editor for Promotional Videos

BlueSleepFigura Media produced 3 videos for BlueSleep, a medical center dedicated to help us with our sleeping problems. Dr. Jordan C Stern, Founder and Director, shows us in these 3 videos how BlueSleep can help you.

The main video explains what is BlueSleep. Through testimonies of actual patients we can check how many treatments can be available for our sleeping problems. Another video explains how the Home Sleep Test works. And the last one is dedicated to Music for Dreams, a series of music records released to help people fall asleep.

I was the editor of these videos and It was a pleasure joining the crew during the shoot. I learnt so much about sleeping problems and how easy can be fixed. And of course, how much can our life be improved. I invite you to check them out.