“Things only a sibling would put up with” sponsored video by Fusion Lightworks for Black-ish

To promote the new season of “Black-ishFusion Lightworks produced, shot and edited this promotional video in our digital studios featuring comedians such Jo Firestone, Joon Chung, Mariah Smith, Lauren Ashley Smith, Irene Sofía Lucio, Clara Lucio, Mark Vigeant, Priya Patel and Tyler Fischer telling stories about their siblings.

I was in charge of the editing and postproduction and Carlos Fonseca in charge of sound and audio mix.

Here you can read the article by Philip Levie and watch the video below. Enjoy!

The Root Live: Bring It To The Table. Main Camera Operator, Editor and Postproducer

Univision recently acquired TheRoot.com. One of the regular shows produced by this website is The Root Live: Bring It To The Table, hosted by Harriette Cole and directed by Michele Wilson. All shows were produced, shot and edited on the Digital Studios of Univision New York.

I had the opportunity of work as main Camera Operator, Editor and Postproducer for the 16 shows that are being released weekly on TheRoot.com

Here you can watch the first seven shows. Click on the image to open a new window. Enjoy!

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#IsRealGram videos

Here you have the links to all my videos on my Instagram account:

Protect yourself! – Showtime. – Thunder road. – I see movies all around. – Fridays. – Work hard. Play hard. – Now you see me… – Part-time ballet dancer. – My first trip on ferry.

Camera operator, DP and Video Editor for FUSION

Laurie Davis (FUSION)As lead video editor and camera operator of the Univision Digital Studios in New York I had the chance to work for FUSION, a joint venture between Univision Communications Inc. and the Disney/ABC Television Network.

This is an updated list of the productions shot and/or edited for Fusion.

This Shouldn´t be News” with Akilah Hughes. Camera Operator and DP produced by Mona Panchal.

The Curls Room“, a weekly original web series created by Akilah Hughes where I operated the camera and lights.

60 seconds with eFlirt expert Laurie Davis” is a video produced and directed by Philip Levie and I was in charge of the camera, lighting and editing.

Mom Bod” is a parody produced and directed by Akilah Hughes and Diana Oliva. I operated the cameras and edited the final piece.

I enjoyed very much working with these talented writers and producers and I hope to do more stuff with them soon.

Music video: “Delusion 6″ by pHoaming Edison

I had the pleasure of shooting with director Owen Cooper and pHoaming Edison (also known as Fly Ashtray) on this music video a few months ago.

One camera, one GoPro, one tripod, one slider, masks, a lamp and freedom. Those were the ingredients we used in this music video. And I love it.

The band just released the video and I´m glad to share it with you. Thanks a lot to Owen and all the members of the band for a great time!

More music by this band:


Free Music Archive

Freedom Summer @50: 3 short documentaries for PBS American Experience

Roscoe Jones Freedom SummerAfter being involved last year in “March @50″ documentaries, I had the pleasure of co-editing 3 short documentaries for “American Experience” by PBS and learning more about American History.

These 3 short documentaries directed, produced and edited by Owen Cooper and co-edited by Greg Poole and myself tell the stories of Roscoe Jones, Mark Levy and Herbert Randall and how they lived the “Freedom Summer” 50 years ago in Mississippi.

Freedom Summer” is also the title of the 2-hours documentary that will be premiered on PBS next June 24th: “Over 10 memorable weeks in 1964 known as Freedom Summer, more than 700 student volunteers from around the country joined organizers and local African Americans in a historic effort to shatter the foundations of white supremacy in what was one of the nation’s most viciously racist, segregated states.”


Roscoe Jones: the preservationist

Mark Levy: the teacher

Herbert Randall: the photographer

More short documentaries about “Freedom Summer @50″

“American Experience” Facebook page


“Los chicos de la foto”, el documental online

LosChicosDeLaFotoLos amigos Iván Reguera y Juan José Aparicio se embarcaron en la producción y realización de este documental basado en una fotografía tomada en 1972. No es una fotografía cualquiera. Como bien explica el texto inicial del documental: “En el invierno de 1972, el director de cine estadounidense George Cukor, en homenaje a Luis Buñuel, reunió en su mansión de Hollywood a ocho de los mejores directores del cine americano de la historia. La fotografía de aquellos maestros reunidos se convirtió en una de las fotos más emblemáticas de 1972 y de toda la historia del cine.

Tuve el placer de acompañarles durante unos días en su viaje a París realizando tareas de ayudante de dirección. Allí entrevistamos a varias personas que ayudaron a recordar cómo fue aquella cena y qué significado tiene esa foto dentro de la historia del cine.

El documental, que contiene entrevistas a Diego Galán, Carlos Pumares y Jean Claude Carrière, entre otros, está disponible online en www.loschicosdelafoto.com, y también se pueden leer novedades sobre el documental en su página de Facebook.

La diferencia entre subvenciones e incentivos que en España no quieren entender

Titular Juego de Tronos AndaluciaHace tiempo que leo a muchos compañeros del medio audiovisual quejarse por la reducción de subvenciones, y en muchas ocasiones intentan compararse con la industria americana en ese aspecto para alegar que también los estados ayudan a la producción audiovisual. Básicamente lo dicen para librarse del estigma de ser unos “subvencionados” pero en este caso o bien les falta entender un concepto o lo obvian intencionadamente.

Cualquier persona con dos dedos de frente entiende que no es lo mismo regalar dinero público que promover la inversión de dinero privado ofreciendo deducciones, créditos o incentivos fiscales. Esto segundo es lo que hacen en USA. Es decir, si una producción tiene la intención de gastarse 100 millones de euros, como este caso de “Juego de Tronos” y su intención de rodar en Andalucía, la productora en cuestión no está esperando que el estado español les de dinero para rodar, sino facilidades para obtener créditos (que se devuelven) o deducciones para que el rodaje no les salga tan caro.
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Spanish translation for “Archiculture”

I recently had the chance of collaborating with Arbuckle Industries, production company based in NYC founded by Ian Harris and David Krantz.

Archiculture, a very interesting short documentary about the architectural education in the US, now can be screened in Spanish speaker countries. I was in charge of the Spanish translation. If you are interested in organize a screening, please check this website.

Here you can watch the trailer with Spanish subtitles. Enjoy it!

Archiculture Official Trailer – SPANISH from arbuckle industries on Vimeo.

“We Might Be Superheroes” now online

I had the pleasure of working with “We Might Be Superheroes” cast and crew in 2013. It was a really fun experience and now the first episodes of this webseries are online.

I worked as DP in the first 3 episodes “Episode 1: A Stitch In Time Saves Crime“, “Episode 2: Game of Beth!” and “Episode 3: The Naming Convention” and “Episode 6: Fight for your Right!

Check WMBS Youtube channel, Twitter profile and Facebook page for more updates. Hope you enjoy them as much I enjoyed working on them!